Witty, pretty, unassuming as she seems

She blushes, she gushes in silent submission

A road trip, a pretty mate and a distant destination

No power games, no calling names

Just private conversations.


Of fireflies and feisty nights

And suddenly she sings

Discovery and savory in her Gusty rendition

Of unseen tracks and unknown sights

She only hunts to kill

She may not make it;

how long would she fake it?

Its just a matter of time..



Of Clear blue skies and mystical rides
Of life in color and shadows in between
Come, hold my hand
and never let go
Never let me slide;

Just tell me its gonna be alright.
When the sun shines bright,
You better hold me tight
For I’m all yours

Whether you know it or not.

I scream, I howl, I crash, I burn

Sometimes I feel everything in my head churn.

I surrender myself to torture

I wish this was something I could control

I fight, I fist, I shout and scream

The only one I fear is me


Then out of the blue, it pretends to leave

Accomplished – it makes you feel,

You spin a million stories, don’t you?

Some you spill,

Some you cleverly kill!


There remain secrets, dark and deep,

Slowly but surely, they claw you in

Into their deep gallows,

They drag you dead.

You laugh, you cry, sometimes you feel vain

What wouldn’t you do to kill the pain


As the shadows subside

And the voices get faint

There will always be some secrets

Best left unsaid!!


Source: About me …

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I am Beena, my friends call me Beenz. This is where I bare my soul – this is more for me, than for anyone else !!

Source: About me …

Its been a while since I visited this page last…

Made a few discoveries during my absence from all forms of text and verses…

I have been disillusioned, lost and confused – too many things happening all at once was what I thought.

Today, as I made yet another discovery about myself, I think I will be here more often 🙂

Thank you my insatiated soul … you make me want to change my world !!


I love Americans, however, there is one weird thing about them that I do not understand. A couple of weeks ago, when we were about to exit Costco, there was this guy in his early twenties who was fidgeting with his wallet. He dropped a couple of pennies and some dimes in the process. They did make that clinking tinkling sound when did they hit the floor, so I am sure he noticed that he had dropped some coins.


What struck me odd was the fact that he did not stop to pick them up. He just continued walking as if nothing happened. My 8 year old daughter instantly picked the coins and ran to this guy and said, “I think you dropped these”, and the guy just smirked at her and said, “No, its okay”!

She was disappointed with his reaction and not knowing what to do, turned towards me. I looked around and spotted a Donation box and pointed it to my daughter who happily put them into it.

This is not the first time something like this has happened.

There was a similar incident that we noticed outside JCPenny, and I don’t know why, but I find it strange when people refuse to pick up coins that they drop. Do they find it embarrassing to pick their own money ? Do they not work as hard as we do to earn it?

I have lost count of the number of instances where I have seen coins lying on the ground.

Its strange to me, because if I was them, and if I dropped my coins, I would pick them up each time without being embarrassed or ashamed. Yeah, you heard me right !