Book Review: Till the Last Breath ….. (Durjoy Datta)

Posted on: May 4, 2013


“Till the last breath” by Durjoy Datta..

I picked up this book because it was by Durjoy.. it did not disappoint.

This book, for a change did not talk about Deb and Avantika (the 2 characters that have stayed constant in some of his books) – the book revolves around Dushyant Roy and Pihu Malhotra – both of whom are dying and share a room in a hospital. Dushyant, a drug addict who has done everything to kill himself is dying a slow death due to multiple organ failure. Pihu, on the other hand, is a young medical student, full of life and exuberance who is diagnosed with a life threatening disease and wants to do everything that can keep her alive. Its a story of hate, love and an intriguing friendship.

The characterization is brilliant, the pace of events is just perfect.

It has all the elements of soul stirring story, it makes you smile, it breaks your heart.

It gives you hope, and more than all, it somehow makes you realize how fragile life can be.

This, according to me is by far one of Durjoy’s best books. I would to rate this book 4 / 5.


11 Responses to "Book Review: Till the Last Breath ….. (Durjoy Datta)"

This Books sounds interesting.
I love all Love stories and Your Book Review makes me want to read this book.
Hope to Read it soon.
Keep posting! πŸ™‚
Best Wishes


hey Madhu, I can get this book for you the next time we meet πŸ™‚


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i m reading n anxious what hols in d end bt till nw i find it interesting


πŸ™‚ Hope u liked it too ..


I finished this book recently.This is one of the most interesting book ever.


Totally agree πŸ™‚


Dear sir,
I am Vivek Jain, author of a recently published novel name “The Dreamer”.
Dreamer is about a love story and a totally uncommon love game that
reveals everything in the end. Its all about a person who do a lot for
a girl but in end just because of a love game he left with nothing in
front of her. i liked your blog and i would be grateful to you if you give a review for dreamer too.
Thanks & regards
Vivek jain


Hello Vivek,

Please send me a free copy of your book; will go through it and decide πŸ˜‰

All the best !!


Hi Miss/ Mrs Beena,
Can i send you a soft copy of “The Dreamer”? I am sure you will definitely love it.


Hello Vivek, that would be nice… can u please email it to me at beenafernandez@rediffmail.com?



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