Posted on: May 4, 2013

It was the year 2002, I had just finished college and was out job-hunting.

I remember walking in into this IT company somewhere in Pune, I was interviewed by this gentleman named mmmmmnnn, I’d prefer calling him Mr. P, he was a middle aged man, fat, short and almost bald. He had arrogance written all over his face. He had this medium sized cabin stacked with a lot of fat books, all technical stuff.

This was my first interview, and I was truly nervous.

I remember answering almost all his questions correctly but he was not impressed. He said ‘Though your answer is correct, it sounds very layman, I needed to sound technical too’ and there I was 🙂

I walked out perplexed; I was still a fresher and didn’t know what exactly he meant by it.

But I’m glad I didn’t get this job then, life was calling and I relocated to Bangalore, joined another technical company, earned, learned and discovered myself.

2 years later when I was hired by the same company in Pune; I bumped into Mr P and he still remembered me 🙂

I have often wondered why some people endorse the usage of jargon when it comes to expressing anything technical and sometimes non-technical stuff too.

I have a friend Jaggu, he is intelligent, but totally incomprehensible. When he speaks, he is okay, but he writes, I need I need to have a dictionary open to understand what he is trying to say. Not that I don’t want to increase my vocab, but sometimes, simplicity is so much easier to comprehend.

I think some people think that speaking jargon makes them sound intelligent; but could that be true ?
When somebody starts that crap, just ask them to cut the jazz and say “KISS”, if they take that literally, slap them hard; if they are zapped, just tell them (Keep It Simple Silly)


2 Responses to "KISS …"

Gud one, dear! Ladies can try this stunt. Will not put them into much trouble. But men will be trashed if they try this.


hehehe … yes Anto, thats absolutely true 🙂


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