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Work life balance, everybody talks about it. How many of us actually get to work on it to strike that perfect balance between life and work is something we must explore.

A few weeks ago, I happened to see a Goodbye email by a colleague who signed off stating “I am now going to re-claim my life”.

It sounded great, no doubt; however, it set me thinking.

What is it that I want from my life ? Is my life only MY LIFE ?  Most often than not, there are no right or wrong answers to that one.

Everybody has different expectations and needs in life. What matters is what YOU want from your life.

I made a list for myself to understand what I wanted in life.

My prime focus areas were Family, work, friends, health and the likes.

As I said earlier, there are no right or wrong priorities. I think you need to make that very clear to yourself about what are the things you want, and what are things  you absolutely don’t want.

I then classified generic time slots for each of these focus areas, again, this is what worked for me. There is no hard and fast rule that this is the best method.

Whatever works best for you is the best thing for you.

In a nutshell, some pointers I made for myself were:

1. Plan your day in advance, you can chose to either plan your day early in the morning, or the night before.

2. Another good practice before you go to sleep is  to reflect on what things went well during the day, and what you should have done better if a similar situation were to arrive again in the future.

3. In some cases, you may also want to decide on what clothes you would wear during the week and make sure you have them ironed and ready for the entire week. This does save you a lot of hassle and time in deciding what you would want to wear on any given weekday.

4. List all your activities into 3 sections,

  • Things you absolutely must do. i.e. things that are urgent and important and that cannot be delayed.
  • Things that are important but not urgent
  • Things that are neither urgent nor important and which can be postponed.

Once you have fiished classifying these, plan your day and set timelines to stick by these.

5, If you are at work, and there are distractions, make sure you keep your desk uncluttered, if you dont want to be disturbed, keep that headset on, it gives an impression that you may be on a call 😉 Else, politely tell your time waster that you are working on something important and that you will get back to them later in the day.

6. Learn to say No. The magic of No is amazing. It sometimes sets you free. Don’t kill yourself by agreeing to do everything. People who have trouble saying this magic word, end up being miserable.

7. Delegate work that can be delegated. Do not hesitate to ask for help when in need. Trust me, the world is a better place when you set your ground rules and maintain transparency of what you an do and what you will need help on. For this, you need to ensure that you keep your stakeholders engaged and happy.

8. This one is specailly for women. Remember, it is not important to be a Super woman. Learn to stay calm, and yes, its okay if you dont do your laundry everyday.

In case you do not find domestic help,  discuss with your family, and explore options to get help.

You can chose to do your laundry once or twice a week rather than doing it everyday. It will save you lots of time and energy.

9. Check out on things that can be automated. It will help you save time which you can use to do things you love to do.

10. Breathe.

11. Meditate – It helps you focus.

12. Play with your children, spend time with them. It is the best de-stresser.

13. Talk to your spouse / partner.

14. Switch off your laptop / phone when you get home. Try to stay gadget free. It helps you free your mind and spend quality time with loved ones.

15. Exercise.

16. Don’t hesitate to just get up from wherever you are and walk away for a few minutes, all alone.

Alone time is the best time to think and solve complex problems.

17. Read, atleast for 5 minutes a day. It can be anything at all. but reading keeps your mind occupied and stimulated.

18. Stay wtih people who radiate positivity. Be with happy,positive people. Avoid gossip and back biting. It sets you free mentally.

19. The last in my list is to let go.

Sometimes its not really worth it to think and be overly anxious, just let go of your fears.

While we all may have long term and short term goals, sometimes its better and easier to take one day at a time.

Seize the moment, make the most of it, it would be gone even before you realise it.

Do the best of what you can do Now… it will make your world a better place to be in.

Stay happy.