Life is calling … where are you !!

Posted on: June 7, 2015

Its been a long long time since I have visited my blog 🙂

Its 12.55am on a Saturday night, and I feel I am back home as I sit with my laptop seated blissfully on my lap !!

The view from my bedroom window at this time of the night is amazing, Its been a while since I’ve really noticed the moonlit sky, its been a while since I’ve seen the twinkling stars. And strangely I just want to wave at them and say “Hi again !! Its great to see you. “

The past few days have been crazy, I am happy, excited, nervous, jittery .. I just think I am overwhelmed about moving to a new house, a new city, a new neighborhood.

I often told myself in the past, “Life is calling… ” and here I am, happy to be in a space I have always wanted to be.

May I have the courage to pursue my dreams and may I do well in what I do best !! Amen !!



3 Responses to "Life is calling … where are you !!"

Indeed its been a long time…. Its time to shake yourself and do what you always wanted to do. Your time has come. All the best.


Thank you Pooja .. I love you … Ishqwala !!


Nice Beena Fernandez 🙂


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