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So it all started after I moved to Boise. After spending around 3 months here, I discovered that the only place where you get methi (fenugreek) leaves is at the only Indian store in Boise which is roughly 9 miles away from where I stay.

Most of the times that I had been here (normally Sundays), the stock was not very fresh. I only found a good batch when I happened to go there once on a Saturday.

A single bunch you get here is half the size you normally get in India. A single bunch costs around $3 plus. A way too overpriced than what we are used to in India.

Since I love methi, I decided to experiment with growing it in my own little balcony with re-cycleable material. I used potting mix that I bought from Home depot. I got my pack of fenugreek seeds from India stores to try my experiment…. Voila !! It worked !!

I started with my first batch roughly 3 wks ago… And this is what it looks like now.

My first crop

Looking forward to harvest my first crop as soon as its ready… Hopefully in another 10 days or so.

Am motivated to sow seeds for another batch. Fingers crossed !!