Experiment 1: Growing Karela (Bitter Gourd)

Posted on: May 31, 2016

A few weeks ago, when I visited the Indian Grocery store, the weird looking bitter gourd caught my fancy. And all I could think of was my Mother-in-law’s amazingly lip smacking fried Karela chips. I bought around 3 medium sized Karelas and carefully deseeded them. I stored all the seeds after carefully washing and drying them indoors.

I tried soaking the seeds and then used the moist paper towel method to check for germination. I used this video to experiment. Unfortunately, the seeds started decaying and developed black fungus over it.

The most important lessons learnt from this failed experiment are:

  1. Use seeds from yellow and completely ripened Bitter gourd. This is what a completely ripe Karela would look like…

ripe karela


2. Don’t give up… though I couldn’t find the seeds anywhere locally, I eventually found these on ebay.com and my new pack of 10 seeds arrived last week from China šŸ™‚



3. I have sowed these seeds into an use cup cake plastic tray to see if they germinate.. This is what it looks like now.


Fingers crossed on that one !!


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