Boise Summer Fest 2016 …

Posted on: June 9, 2016

(Disclaimer: This information may only be useful for people currently living in Boise)


For people in Boise who love reading, here is something you may find extremely useful …

The Boise Public Library’s Summer Reading Program was kicked off on 1-Jun-16 and this will end on 30-Jul-16.

All you need to do is log your reading minutes by registering yourself at:


You can add your children to your profile as well to get them kick started too.

(Note: You need to be a member of the Boise Public Library and need to have a membership card)

The perks:

  1. Upon registering for the Reading program, you get a free copy of a short story by the Short Story Contest Winner. (This is what I got)…


2. If you register your child, he or she gets to pick a book of their choice from the Boise Public Library. (This was what Riya picked up for herself)



3. If you consistently read for 30 days, you get to pick another free book 😉

4. If you complete 60 days of reading, you get to pick another free book 😀

Some indulgences bring you so much joy, reading definitely tops my list.

Am currently on a self imposed reading marathon spree.

Until next time..

Keep the Faith,

Read anything and everything that crosses your path,

Adios !




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