Movie Review: Udta Punjab

Posted on: June 23, 2016

Udta Punjab

Crime-thrillers seem to be the flavor the season, and Udta Punjab gives you enough shots of shock, horror and hope.

The narrative is slick, fast paced, intriguing and smart.

For people who do not have an appetite for profanity, its best to watch the movie for the plot instead of shifting your focus elsewhere.

Shahid Kapoor is brilliant in his portrayal as Tommy Singh, a crazy wild rock star and a drug addict. His life takes a U-turn when he is arrested for possessing drugs at a rave party at his house. In jail, he comes across two teenagers, also drug addicts and Tommy’s ardent fans. They rant about how Tommy Singh has influenced their lives. The boys were arrested for killing their mother for refusing to give them money for drugs. Seeing this he decides to kick his drug habit and make changes to his life.The plan backfires, what happens next is  part of the plot.

Alia Bhatt outshines everyone in this film. She plays the role of a Bihari migrant farm labourer who accidentally finds a pack of heroin in a farm. What she decides to do with it changes her life forever. She is drugged, raped, kept captive and forced into prostitution. She is brilliant as the antagonist fighting to free herself from the local drug lords who have held her captive.

Diljit Dosanjh plays a corrupt police officer, Sartaj Singh, who changes his ways after seeing his young teenage brother suffer from drug addiction and overdose. He along with Dr. Preet Sahani (Kareena Kapoor) plan to work on exposing the illegal import of drugs into Punjab and curbing the drug menace to some extent.

Things go awry here as well, and Sartaj Singh must find a way out to save himself from the drug mafia and cop nexus.

Some scenes give you chills. If you like thrillers, this is definitely worth a watch.

Their chemistry between Diljit Dosanjh and Kareena Kapoor is heartwarming and refreshing.

My Rating: 3.5/5




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