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Who doesn’t like butterflies ? I don’t know, but what I do know is that Riya and I simply love them.

Earlier this year I learnt how to make paper butterflies from this video to be able to teach my 2nd Graders during our Art lesson.


Riya’s best friend Nana gifted her some craft paper yesterday and this is what she made …


I now have Butterflies on my Wall 🙂


This year I tried something new. I volunteered as an Art parent volunteer in Riya’s class.

That meant conducting Art lessons for 2nd Graders. The Volunteer form clearly said “You do not have to be an Artist to volunteer.” I impulsively filled in the form and submitted it.

Luckily, they had a course outlined for the students, this was just a guideline on what needed to be covered, what kind of material needed to be used.

I spent a lot of time on YouTube researching Art lessons, practicing at home before the lesson to avoid making a fool of myself.

We experimented with a lot of paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels, paper craft, we got our hands dirty, and yes, we all had fun 🙂

Here is the Art exhibit for our class. The Class teacher, Mrs. Peck had the children pick up 3 of their favorite Art pieces for the exhibit, we labeled them and got them ready to go on the wall. Day 1 was excruciating, with some fails, I got to learn some key tips and tricks on keeping the Art pieces from falling down. I had become a pro by the end of it 🙂  Here is a snapshot of what the wall finally looked like ..


Art Wall Part 1:



Art Wall Part 2:



Riya’s Art Work:

The Dragon and the Sunset with Chalk Pastels are Riya’s Art pieces…



Here’s a picture of Riya with her drawing of an Owl  🙂

Some interesting things I learnt this year are:

  1. You don’t have to be an Artist to teach Art – All you need is the willingness to learn and the doing whatever it takes to do your job well.
  2. Practice … there is no substitute to practice if you plan to teach.
  3.  Children are the best Teachers in this world, they love you unconditionally, they teach you to experiment and improvise as and when the situation changes.
  4. They show you why its important to have a mind of your own and not be apologetic for your decisions.
  5. Don’t over analyse anything. Learn to live in the present and work on what you have in hand rather than worry about how it will look at the end.
  6. Follow your instincts, just go for it and not think too much of Who, What, When and How. Think on your feet.

That’s too much of Gyaan for now….

Until we meet next time,  Keep the Faith … Adios !!