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It’s been a while since we moved apart
I no more breed a broken heart
I may be scarred, but that’s okay,
There’s nowhere I’d wanna hide.

They say I’ve changed
They say I don’t really care
How does it matter
Is all I’ll ever say

We may be headed different ways
I know we’re gonna be okay
Someday, somewhere if we ever cross paths
I’ll cross my heart, it’s a beautiful life..


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Hey, thanks for stopping by. I am Beena, my friends call me Beenz. This is where I bare my soul – this is more for me, than for anyone else !!

Source: About me …

Its been a while since I visited this page last…

Made a few discoveries during my absence from all forms of text and verses…

I have been disillusioned, lost and confused – too many things happening all at once was what I thought.

Today, as I made yet another discovery about myself, I think I will be here more often 🙂

Thank you my insatiated soul … you make me want to change my world !!


I love Americans, however, there is one weird thing about them that I do not understand. A couple of weeks ago, when we were about to exit Costco, there was this guy in his early twenties who was fidgeting with his wallet. He dropped a couple of pennies and some dimes in the process. They did make that clinking tinkling sound when did they hit the floor, so I am sure he noticed that he had dropped some coins.


What struck me odd was the fact that he did not stop to pick them up. He just continued walking as if nothing happened. My 8 year old daughter instantly picked the coins and ran to this guy and said, “I think you dropped these”, and the guy just smirked at her and said, “No, its okay”!

She was disappointed with his reaction and not knowing what to do, turned towards me. I looked around and spotted a Donation box and pointed it to my daughter who happily put them into it.

This is not the first time something like this has happened.

There was a similar incident that we noticed outside JCPenny, and I don’t know why, but I find it strange when people refuse to pick up coins that they drop. Do they find it embarrassing to pick their own money ? Do they not work as hard as we do to earn it?

I have lost count of the number of instances where I have seen coins lying on the ground.

Its strange to me, because if I was them, and if I dropped my coins, I would pick them up each time without being embarrassed or ashamed. Yeah, you heard me right !

I love my solo trips. The joy and peace it brings you is indescribable.

Most of the times when I leave my house with my bicycle, I don’t plan the route or the final destination. I take the route that catches my fancy.

Today I explored a small part of Boise’s Greenbelt (i.e.from Boise State University to Idaho’s Fallen Firefighters Memorial Plaza).

The entire route is extremely lush with greenery,  peaceful and beautiful. If you live in Boise, and haven’t explored Boise’s Greenbelt yet, this is one place you should not miss.

Here are some pics from the trip..

Here’s a map of the Greenbelt in case you plan an outing here.

Until next time, keep moving… even when it hurts !!


My Egg Plant with 3 beautiful looking Brinjals.


My Okra plant as of today (Pssst …. I was able to gather around 14 Okra over last week and made my favourite Bhindi ki sabzi with lots of minced garlic, a dash of red paprika and chaat masala)

Feeling blessed, feeling thankful.

Feels awesome !!